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First Baptist Lyman

Our Big Goal:
First Baptist Lyman is a church for generations. We are many generations following Jesus Christ, the hope for all generations!  We live this when we introduce the world to Jesus, Worship God with all our hearts, Develop a passion for God’s way, Stand up for the broken and hurting… And teach others to do the same!


For the first time in history, the average life-span has increased so that five generations are living together... wow!

So we attempt to celebrate the wonderful things each generation brings to our family.  Our music is chosen intentionally to be somewhat blended, always including a hymn and a really modern song or two.  We welcome (especially during COVID-19) kids into our services... but hope to return to having kids' church soon.  We encourage inter-generational relationships... because without mentors and prayer partners, life really can stink.

And Who We Are:

We love our community and believe that God has placed us where we are for some great reasons!  We want to worship him, to challenge each other to grow, to serve and reach our community, and to create Christ-like Disciples.

You'll find our church to be first and foremost, passionate about Jesus.  Then, hopefully, really loving :)  We have folks in our church from all backgrounds and love that God is bringing people into our family from other areas, different denominational backgrounds, and even without church in their background.  We're also voluntarily aligned with the Southern Baptist Denomination and love our Faith and Message (a statement of belief) that you can read HERE.

We also believe wholeheartedly that the Word of God should change our lives... so our sermons cover relevant topics with the hope of allowing God to speak into every area of our lives.  We believe that church should allow you to worship freely, engage with Scripture, and leave looking more like Jesus every week.

our Leaders:
Josh Cougle

Lead Pastor

Married 30 years, 5 girls, loves Jesus (Master's in Ministry, tried a long time ago to make it in music, used to work with computers and still thinks he does)

Holli Cougle

Worship Leader

Like her husband, has been married for 30 years and has 5 girls... when she's not leading worship, she teaches 2nd grade and tackles big construction projects.

Gabe Palumbo

Youth Pastor

Gabe is a student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and is married to Gracie.  He loves Jesus and believes God has big things in store for our students and young adults.

Jeff Cunningham

Ministry Assistant

Jeff and Meredith have been married for 20 years with great kids and beautiful grandkids to prove it.  Jeff retired from the military and if you need something done, well... we all know to go to him.

Tori Cougle

Children's Director

Tori teaches at a local private school and is leading our children's ministry with meaningful and Jesus-focused lessons and activities and much, much more!

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